2015 Gemini Horoscope

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2015 Horoscope for All Gemini People

It seems that you are in for a dynamic year Gemini! The hectic pace you have been experiencing at work or with your studies will continue until the end of November 2015. Up until then indications strongly support making positive changes to not only the way you work, but also to the way you look after your body.

The first two weeks of May 2015; and again from the end of August until early September 2015 look fantastic for attending to these matters, with some of you receiving an unexpected promotion, opportunity or recognition for the work you have done so far. This opportunity will just seem to fall into your lap! The support of colleagues and others you have contact with on a daily basis will be important as part of this lucky break, and they may actually be part of the reason for you receiving the opportunity coming your way.

Gemini 2015 Horoscope
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On another level though, it is time to make changes to the way you are doing things, and what you are doing. This will most probably become quite clear during the second half of June 2015 and again during the second half of October 2015. The energies working during this time can sometimes signify stressful situations, but this stress can be viewed as positive when taken in the larger context of pushing you to make the changes that are needed to how you are living your life, and where your life is heading.

The changes that you make look like they will considerably free you up of the restrictions you have been experiencing, and this will become more apparent from December 2015 onwards when there will be a shift in planetary energies. It seems that you are ready to break free from anything or anyone that is holding you back. You could find yourself taking a long trip, studying, and/or making new mutually beneficially friendships through most of 2007! These energies will be quite potent through March and April 2007.

2015 Gemini Horoscope For Gemini Adults

For adults born during these dates the coming year may prove to be a very emotionally intense one, regardless of the circumstances currently in your life.

Firstly, there may be some type of intense power struggle within a relationship where one person may try to dominate, manipulate or control the other.

Secondly, yourself, or a male close to you may suffer from ill health that affects you quite strongly causing you to question and reassess who you are and where your own life is going.

Finally, if you are in a long term relationship this can prove to be a make or break period for it. If you are single, this year could bring you an intense, powerful new relationship that changes the perceptions and beliefs you have about yourself and what you want in life.

It is important during this time to keep communication open and honest to prevent some of the more difficult possibilities presenting themselves. This would be an excellent time for any type of counseling to gain self-understanding.

Horoscope 2015 for Gemini Infants/Children

This can be a pretty difficult time for youngsters as the energy operating in their lives are quite powerful and difficult even for an adult to understand and deal with.

Children may experience their fathers at this time as experiencing powerful, dark and possibly destructive feelings. Because their coping and understanding mechanisms are not fully developed your child may need extra help in dealing with some of the destructive urges that can be expressed because of this energy.

Obsessive/compulsive behaviour may present itself through your child at this time as a way of coping with and controlling some of the feelings experienced.

The father may be at a crossroad in life for various reasons, or he may have some type of health crisis that affects the child.

One way to deal with these particular energies would be to keep communication open and honest between the child and others; aid the child in expressing their emotions; family or child counseling may also be an option.

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