Leo 2015 Horoscope

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2015 Horoscope for All Leo People

Since the middle of 2005 it seems that you have had the opportunity to begin to process of letting go of unnecessary attitudes, people and situations in your life that you have now outgrown. This energy will be around until later in 2007 and strongly supports making a fresh start in your life without the baggage from your past.

This energy is also one that will give you the chance to show other people (including superiors and/or a parent), how you handle responsibility. Some of you may even gain a promotion under this influence, and receive recognition for work well done.

Leo Horoscope 2015
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There is another side to this energy that is experienced sometimes that is one where health issues associated with the skin, bones (including teeth), knees and/or depression are experienced. These are most likely to occur if you are heading in a direction that is not right for you… and physically can push you to stop and reassess your situation.

During the period this energy affects you (mid 2005 until later in 2007) many Lions will find relationships will be a huge focus, where singles could find a longer term partner, or a partner who is significantly older or younger than yourself. Committed Lions may be reassessing your relationship situation, and making major decisions regarding an important relationship. Some of you may be missing a loved one who is away for an extended period of time between these dates.

All of these ways of experiencing this energy focus on learning about yourself, about your capabilities and what you want to do with your life.

Family and property matters will continue to be an area that will be somewhere you can expect support and good fortune. This lucky influence will be around until November 2006 and strongly supports the growth of your family circle and increasing the size of and/or improving your home.

From the end of November 2006 and for about a year after then you'll be glad to know that love, your children and creativity will receive a boost in positive energy. Those of you looking for love are likely to find it during this time, while attached Lions can expect to renew the love between yourself and your partner. This is a very fertile time for you, physically and creatively, so keep this in mind if you are intimately involved with another person. .

2015 Leo Horoscope For those born August 10 - 15

This year you may experience confusion, deception or uncertainty about life direction or in your dealings with important men in your life. Watch for difficult to diagnose health problems such as viral or fluid problems in your body or an illness that saps your energy levels.

You may experience the people around you as being nebulous, hard to pin down or changeable and difficult to understand.

Also, watch your intake (or your partners’) of alcohol or any addictive drug because it will be easier than normal to form addictive habits during this year. Your body may develop sensitivity to substances.

If you have artistic inclinations, this can be a very positive and creative time as long as you allow expression of these tendencies.

Also, if you begin a new relationship during this year, either you will not be viewing the other person in realistic terms or you may actually meet your ‘dream’ partner.

Horoscope 2015 Leo for For those born August 18 - 22

This promises to be an excellent year full of opportunities to work towards important goals. Creativity, love and children may also be the source of strength, power and positive experiences that enhance your self-esteem.

If you or somebody close to you has recently suffered from ill health, this will be a great year for healing the body, mind and heart.

Powerful contacts may come to your aide.

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