Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope

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2015 Horoscope for All Sagittarian People

The coming year looks like it will be spent preparing for a new start that will be around at your next birthday. Although this may sound mundane in reality this is an important time for laying down foundations for a prosperous and happy new start in life.

Some ways you may want to make use of this energy include researching your options – depending on what you are planning to start; spending time getting to know yourself and the areas where your talents are; and for some of you an unconscious shift in the way you approach situations will help you to make the positive changes that are on their way.

Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope
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As part of this process it looks as though you will experience a lucky break at some time through the end of November until early December 2014; the first half of May 2015; and from the end of August until early September 2015. These lucky breaks may involve a property matter, family member or psychological issue.

From these developments it may become clear that there are situations in your life that need to change – perhaps your relationship with a grandchild or in-law may be part of this need. Alternatively, a legal, educational and/or foreign matter may be involved. Dates when you can expect a sense of frustration and need for change to be building up include: the second half of December 2014, the second half of June 2015; and again during the second half of October 2015.

For many years now you have been experiencing a slow, profound and sometimes painful time of change in your life where you have had to let go of something that you consider to be essential. This profound period of change will continue for another few years but the energies around you for the next year will actually help to alleviate some of the more trying aspects of this energy. A period of relative respite can be expected in the coming year, and positive transformation.

Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope For Those Born November 27 - December 7

Yearly Horoscope for Sagittarius Adults

This year may prove to be quite a challenging one in that who you believe you are and what you consider to be important to you may drastically change, possibly due to unexpected and unusual changes to an important male in your life. You may have to pay particular attention to any nervous disorders that may flare up during this year, or those of a person close to you. The coming year promises to be one of ‘expect the unexpected’ which may radically change your perceptions of yourself and your direction in life.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2015 Infants/Children

The father or father figure in your child’s life may have to pay particular attention to his health this year, in particular to nervous disorders. It may pay to spend extra time preparing your Scorpio child for any changes in lifestyle that you are expecting in the coming year. It may also be important to spend time explaining the expected changes to them in a way that they can understand.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2015 For those born December 8 - 11

The coming year could help you to achieve progress on any artistic endeavours, a special wish or dream, and/or spiritual development. This is also a time when you may want to become involved in helping those less fortunate than yourself.

Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope For those born December 15 - 18

Yearly Horoscope 2015 for Sagittarius Adults

For adults born during these dates, the coming year may prove to be a very emotionally intense one, regardless of the circumstances currently in your life.

Firstly, yourself or a male close you may have a health problem that, naturally, affects you quite strongly causing you to question and reassess who you are and where your own life is going. If you are currently in a long term relationship this can prove to be a make or break period for it.

If you are single, this year could bring you an intense, powerful new relationship that changes the perceptions and beliefs you have about yourself and what you want in life.

It is important during this year to keep communication open and honest to prevent some of the more difficult possibilities presenting themselves. This would be an excellent time for any type of counselling or therapy to gain self-understanding.

2015 Horoscope for Sagittarius Infants/Children

This can be a pretty trying time for youngsters as the energy operating in their lives are quite powerful and potentially difficult, even for an adult to understand and deal with.

Children may experience their fathers at this time as experiencing dark and possibly destructive feelings. Because their coping and understanding mechanisms are not fully developed your child may need extra help in dealing with some of the destructive urges that can be expressed because of this energy. The father may be at a crossroad in life for various reasons, or he may have some type of health crisis that in turn affects the child.

Obsessive/compulsive behaviour may present itself through your child at this time as a way of coping or trying to control some of the feelings and situations experienced. The most positive way to deal with these particular energies from the childs’ viewpoint would be to keep communication open and honest, aide the child in expressing their emotions and in a way that is comfortable to the child and family, family counselling or child counselling may also be an option.

The parent (most probably the father) who is experiencing intense emotions could also consider some type of therapy to deal with their feelings.

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