Scorpio 2015 Horoscope

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Scorpio Horoscope 2015

Since the end of 2014 there has been quite a busy energy around you that will continue to keep you hectic until the end of November 2015. This particular energy is associated with relationship changes that will benefit you in the longer term, and also with long-distance travel, study and luck in legal matters. A major turning point is indicated at the end of October 2015 in regards to these areas of your life.

Life should settle down from December 2015 onwards. BUT... all the changes that came into your life in the previous twelve months will start to show results now. For example, if you started your own business through that time, you will now begin to reap the financial rewards (or feel the consequences of your actions) for all of your work. Generally speaking, the financial tone for 2015 will be a positive one where you will have the chance to increase your income, improve your self-esteem and/or have more freedom in the way you earn your income.

Scorpio 2015 Horoscope
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The serious focus on career, life outside of your home, parents and where you are going in general will continue until the end of August 2015. A final testing phase will occur at the end of October where you are likely to experience a sense of frustration while waiting for these matters to sort themselves out. Much better dates to attend to these situations include: the end of July until mid-August 2015 (great for asking for a pay rise, applying for better paid jobs, or for improvement in your relations with a parent/boss); March 2015 and again the end of April until mid-May 2015 – these dates are also excellent for improving career prospects and financial rewards for work well done.

You will be glad to know that where it comes to the heavy workload and frustrations you have been experiencing since the middle of 2014, that these will leave your life after August 2015. You will then be in a much better position to reap the rewards for all that effort you have been putting into career matters, projects outside of your home and your relationship with a parent/superior.


Lucky you! After your experiences during the last seven years you will certainly appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to break free (in a positive way) and make the most of the fabulous opportunities around you this coming year.

Unexpected and unusual opportunities to further something (or someone!) very important to you look prominent during the coming year.

These may involve one of your children, another loved one or a creative venture - for those creative souls out there. The children of other people may become more prominent in your life also.

Regardless of how these energies come into your life it seems that you will have the chance to shine and show the people around you why you are special.

2015 Scorpio Horoscope FOR THOSE BORN NOVEMBER 10 - 15

This year you may experience confusion, deception or uncertainty about life direction or in your dealings with important men in your life. Watch for difficult to diagnose health problems such as viral or fluid problems in your body or an illness that saps your energy levels.

Also, watch your intake of alcohol or any addictive drug because it will be easier than normal to form addictive habits during this year. Your body may develop sensitivity to substances.

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