Taurus 2015 Horoscope

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2015 Taurus Horoscope

Since the end of 2014 it seems that the connections you have been making with others have been working out very well… for example a joint effort such as marriage or a business partnership should work out well under this influence. The good news is that this energy will be around until the end of November 2015!
Other ways this energy can be experienced is through becoming involved in the education system, either as a student or teacher; traveling long distance; having to attend to legal matters; and for some of you, gaining weight! If you are a woman and in a situation where you could become pregnant, then this is a particularly fertile time for you.

2015 Taurus Horoscope
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A development or opportunity is likely to come out of nowhere between the end of April until the middle of May 2015; and again from the end of August until early September 2015. This is likely to also involve a friend, group you belong to, the child of another person - or the chance to achieve something very important to you.

In the relationships and opportunities for growth that are around you at this point in your life it, seems that a cross road will be reached in June and October 2015 that will also include a sense of frustration and the need to make a decision. It seems that these months will be pivotal for a property, domestic or family matters.

The focus on domestic matters that has been around since the middle of 2014 continues now through your forecast period and suggests that some of you will be moving… especially in June or October 2015 (as mentioned above). The need to concentrate and work on your personal life is highly accented with this energy - a spring clean of your life is the best way I can describe it. Once this process is over, it will leave you in better shape to make the most of the opportunities that are around you and that are coming up in the future.

2015 Taurus Horoscope For those born May 8 - 13

This year you may experience confusion, deception or uncertainty regarding your life direction, relationship with people you look up to (ie, a parent, boss, leader of some sort). Watch for difficult to diagnose health problems such as viral or fluid problems in your body; or an illness that saps your energy levels.

Also, watch your intake of alcohol or any addictive drug because it may be easier than usual to form addictive habits during this year. Your body may be particularly sensitive to various substances.

A constructive way to use this dreamy energy is to get involved in any type of artistic activity such as art, music and/or dance. This energy strongly supports any activity involving these themes.

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